It started on a motorway in the pouring rain heading north to Leicester

This is where the Day True story began.

Tony and Hayley had both worked in the kitchen and bathroom industry for many years and when they joined forces both personally and professionally Day True was born. The Maidavale showroom was discovered on Valentine’s Day 2013, the Chelsea showroom was opened on Day Trues 2nd birthday and then Wimbledon Village 3 years later, Tony always dreamed of being a professional tennis player, so this is as near to playing at Wimbledon he is going to get.

Day True is born from a fundamental belief that good design can improve lives, combine that with ambition and passion and exciting things happen, Day True Home, being the latest addition to the family.

The missing pieces of a bigger picture

Day True Home is part of Day True, one of London’s premier kitchen, bathroom and home design studios. You can check out what we do here. Day True Home is our new online store, born from a weakness for buying beautifully designed and faultlessly thought through homewares when we’re travelling. Day True is all about improving the lives of our customers by making better use of their space. What we don’t do is traditional ‘interior design’. We still don’t. Day True Home, complements Day True with the same attention to detail and life-enhancing philosophy, just on a slightly smaller scale. Day True Home is all the finishing touches: the elegant, tactile, bloody brilliant objects that bring joy. The bits and bobs that complete the picture. 

Well-chosen by the well-travelled.

Welcome to Day True Home. We’re glad you stumbled in because we’re pretty sure we have plenty to brighten your day and delight your imagination. It’s an eclectic selection of things for the home – some practical, others purely aesthetic – that we’ve picked up on our travels around the world. There’s no fixed stocklist, no themes and no mass-produced tat. Everything is authentic and artisan, curated by people who love exploring the local markets and secret alleyways of far-flung places. When we see something we like we scoop up as much as we can carry, bringing it back home to share with friends and customers.

We don’t just design better homes, we create better lives.

The most successful home designs also happen to be the most enjoyable to live in. And we’ve found that the best way to achieve complete happiness is to treat the home as a complete experience. Far from a series of individual rooms created for separate activities, the lines haven’t just become blurred, they’ve disappeared altogether. Kitchens flow into utility and living space and beyond the threshold to outdoor seating and entertaining areas, while bathrooms are now connecting hubs for bedrooms and dressing areas. The best homes are based on how we want to live, not how we used to. Bespoke to a lifestyle, designed for effortless practicality and endless enjoyment, we make every inch work exactly how you want and when you want.